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Community Experience


Community Experience (CE)
Nuts and Bolts

Each Wednesday during the course of the school year,
our students volunteer in the surrounding communities.
This time is an opportunity for students to interact with, learn from
and give back to their community. Students develop
workplace skills, deepen potential career interests and creating positive partnerships between adults and high school youth.

Developing a personal "Path" is an essential part of each student's schooling at New Vista ​and the Community Experience
is a structured and supported way to explore. 

Community Experiences can last from one quarter,
through a year-long experience. 

Students earn PATH credits for the number of hours spent with the CE. 

15 hours= 0.25 credits, 30 hours= 0.5 credits, 60 hours= 1.0 credits​   


cE Student Resources

Students sign up for their CEs every quarter during Advisory.