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NCAA Info for Student Athletes

A student-athlete who is planning to play sports at a Division I, II or III College or University needs to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Additional information can be found on the NCAA Student-Athlete Resource Website.

Course Requirements & Eligibility

It is the student-athlete's responsibility to ensure that they are taking classes that are NCAA eligible.  Not all high school classes count as NCAA core courses. Please log on to NCAA Course Listing (NCAA HS Code=060112 for NVHS) to view the latest New Vista High School classes which are NCAA eligible.

NCAA Requirements

Students planning on participating in NCAA sports at a Division I, II or III college must have the following:

  • 10 units complete in core courses before August 1 of their senior year
  • 2.3 GPA in core courses = unconditional admit; 2.0 = Academic redshirt; < 2.0 = non-qualifier
  • Division I Colleges: 16 core courses including 4 English, 3 math, 2 science, 2 social studies, etc.

Informational Links for Student Athletes