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Restorative Justice at New Vista

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Restorative Justice (RJ) is a student-run organization that works side by side with administration, faculty and staff to handle behavioral issues in a non-traditional way. The restorative process requires students to take responsibility for their actions and gain an understanding of the harm their actions may have caused. In this process, student leaders facilitate circles where an open dialogue takes place between the conflicting parties. Students, staff, administrators, and community members work collaboratively to find helpful and creative ways for a student to repair the harm they have caused in their community and to make amends. RJ replaces traditional disciplinary measures such as detention or suspension and provides students with a positive learning experience.  

While our community encourages restorative practices whenever possible, RJ is an option that is used at the discretion of New Vista administrators.  Administrators take into account the nature of the issue, the type of harm caused, and the potential effectiveness of RJ in dealing with the issue before making a decision.  While RJ may be used at New Vista, if a student has broken a law, they may also face legal consequences determined by the Student Safety Advocate and Boulder legal system.