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New Vista Ultimate

Welcome to New Vista Ultimate!

Why play Ultimate?

Get off screens, run around outside, be part of a team, learn new skills, challenge yourself, and most of all, have fun! Everyone is welcome!

What is Ultimate?

It’s a fun, fast paced sport combining elements of soccer, basketball, and basketball. The goal is to work your way down the field by passing a frisbee disc back and forth to teammates—while avoiding opposing players—until you score into the other team’s end zone. Watch this video:

Spirit of the Game.

There’s a reason Ultimate is New Vista’s only sport. While competitive play is encouraged, spirit is a guiding principle, an ethos of the sport that requires all players to act as their own referee, calling their own fouls and settling disagreements on the field. This builds character by showing the importance of honesty and integrity. After the games ends, both teams gather in a "spirit circle" to share gifts, stories, and admiration for their opponents. Pretty awesome, right?


New Vista's 2022 Team in Action

Avi McGrady, ('24)

Noah Futterman, ('25)

Oren Dutton ('23), Lucas Osterholt ('25)

Sawyer Moore ('23)

Thatcher Taylor, ('23)

Thatcher Taylor ('23)

Noah Futterman, ('25)

Henry Keig, (left, '23), Sawyer Moore (right, '23)

Jaden Scutero ('23)

Jaden Scutero, ('23)

Our Ultimate Frisbee Coach

Dustin Bailey

Dustin Bailey