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Phase 3 Schedule

Tas’s Algebra 2B class took advantage of outdoor learning at New Vista before BVSD went back to Phase 1, Home Learning for all students. Shown here are Cam Shanken and Avery Theodore getting together to graph some socially-distanced trig functions!  High School students in BVSD will return to in-person learning 2 days per week starting January 19.  More updates coming soon!


BVSD students to return to Phase 3 in-person learning in January!
Please click HERE for more details from BVSD.

Phase 3 Learning Schedule has been updated with some changes:  We've shortened breaks to 10 minutes, and extended lunch to 45 minutes.  We've also added "independent work time" twice a week, replacing the "asynchronous time" in our block classes.  

First page of the PDF file: Phase3ScheduleatNewVista_1

You can also visit our Home Learning page for more details.