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The Nest

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Welcome to The Nest!
New Vista's Revamped Wellness Center


The Nest is a welcoming space for all students that originated as a senior culminating project by a New Vista student. This revitalized space offers students a tranquil and controlled environment to cultivate essential skills for supporting their academic achievements. The Nest is designed to empower students with self-regulation techniques such as meditation, journaling, creative expression through art, sensory exploration, while enjoying a cup of delicious tea and listening to soothing notes of quiet music. Whether it's working on a puzzle, catching up on school assignments during lunch breaks or free periods, or simply unwinding, The Nest provides a supportive retreat.




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In an exciting collaboration, the Renee Crown Wellness Institute at CU Boulder has joined forces with Impact on Education to gather data from various high school wellness centers across BVSD, including The Nest. This partnership aims to assess the impact of wellness centers on students' academic performance and emotional well-being. By evaluating these outcomes, we're striving to ensure that The Nest continues to provide meaningful benefits to our students. 

We invite you to explore and experience The Nest, where students can cultivate mindfulness, creativity, and relaxation, ultimately contributing to their holistic growth and success.

We look forward to witnessing the positive impact of her dedication on our students' lives.

How can I help?

* If you are a New Vista Parent who is interested in volunteering at The Nest, please look at the opportunities listed on Help at Schools! (Parent volunteer sign-up) or Help at Schools (Parent volunteer coverage, when needed)