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Exhibition Day

Exhibition Day takes place on the morning of the last day of each quarter.
This is a special opportunity for students to demonstrate
all of the amazing learning and growth that has taken place during that quarter.
Students may present research projects, demonstrate a skill or concept they've mastered,
perform poetry, screen student-made short films, or set up a gallery walk of art or photography.
With an audience of the whole staff and student body, along with family and community members,
Exhibition Day connects student learning to the larger mission and vision of New Vista High School.



Senior Exhibition Day

In addition to the regular, quarterly Exhibition Day event,
New Vista also holds a Senior Exhibition Day 
in early May for all seniors to present their
required Culminating Project
to their parents, peers and staff.



Presenting the Senior Culminating Projects
from the Class of 2021

Please click on the links to view the projects.  The recordings include each room of presenters. Enjoy!

Zachary Goldberg: Learning the Piano; Julia Hall: Sex Education & Writing;
Hope Hamerslough: Dance!

Yannick Hoenger: Black & White & Digital Photography; Makkela Hubner: Yoga!;
Helen Holmes: Making a Quilt;
Ava Lessing-Caller: Emotions Through a Camera Lens (a Portfolio)

Sima Zavorotny: Sewing: Sweat, Blood and Tears;
Julian Visconti: Smithing; Hannah Saucier: Researching and Planning My Gap Year

Parish Lake: Rescue Diving; Avery Theodore: Making an EP!;
Jackson Latham: Progress through Photography; Zoe Labansat: Adoor Nails

Miles Cruger: Nature Writing; Lola Dettling: Adventures of Exchange; 
Atticus Fiori: Constricted Creativity, Depression and Perseverance Play Cards Together

Liam Burton: Culinary; Elijah Buckner: Renovation of a '79 Toyota RV;
Will Brown: Finding the Spotlight

JD McOsker: Graphic Design; Lucy Metzler: Recruiting to an NCAA Equestrian Team;
Devon O'Callaghan: Making an Album

James Parsons: Stock Market & Investments; Amelia Parcell: Making a Vegan Cookbook;
Rin Rexroad: Honda Shadow VLX VT600

Jade Juan: Making an EP; Isobel Keig: Becoming a CNA; Clay Kress: Project Blinkenlights

Ellie Adelfang & Brae Hubbard: Students of the Year- Leukemia & Lymphoma Society;
Cami Green: Art & Activism;  Lucy Atwell: Wolves and the Yellowstone Ecosystem

Daniel Lopez: CDL Financing; Itsel Martinez: Cultural Studies
Amairany Samaniego: A Study on the History of Immigration in the US
& Mexican Undocumented Immigrants

Cole Caswell: Cadet Program & Police Reform; Xander Castaldo: How I Built a Prosthetic Arm;
Nico Castaldo: Video Games and My Journey in Making One

Charlie Chilson: Found Sound; Aubrey Gurkin: Training Honey; Pearl Haddad: Growing Pains

Cameron Shanken: 100 Years of Jazz; Hanna Van Heusden: Drawing & Preparing a Comic; Emily Sardinia: Climbing & Equity

Caley Little: Pimping my '04 Civic; Hannah Vincent: Art & Emotions;
Julia Brett: Immigration & Asylum in the US;
Simone Leonard: Fashion History Through the World Wars

Brooklyn Hendrickson: Reforming the Criminal Justice System & Art;
Arin Hartung: Animation; John Hayes: Story of Eurydice

Bennett Bachtel: The Rise and Fall of a Jeep; Quinn Schoenberg: Snow Surfing Documentary

Ben Bilbrey: Music Production- Ableton; Izak Boardman: Restoring a Racecar;
Izabelle Letourneau: Favor & Blessings

Alan Martinez-Ibarra: My CU and Bass Learning; Zen Martinez MacAlpine: Fashion Lookbook; Elijah Muller: Sports Broadcasting