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Exhibition Day

Exhibition Day takes place on the morning of the last day of each quarter.
This is a special opportunity for students to demonstrate
all of the amazing learning and growth that has taken place during that quarter.
Students may present research projects, demonstrate a skill or concept they've mastered,
perform poetry, screen student-made short films, or set up a gallery walk of art or photography.
With an audience of the whole staff and student body, along with family and community members,
Exhibition Day connects student learning to the larger mission and vision of New Vista High School.



Senior Exhibition Day

In addition to the regular, quarterly Exhibition Day event,
New Vista also holds a Senior Exhibition Day 
in early May for all seniors to present their
required Culminating Project
to their parents, peers and staff.



Presenting the Senior Culminating Projects
from the Class of 2020

Please click on the title of each project to access and view.  Enjoy!

Alvarez-Chao, Di:  "Herbalism, Axiatonal Alignment, Reiki and Acudetox"

Amorese, Sienna:  "My Writing Journey"

Armand, Isabella: "College for Less"

Ashmore, Ellis: "Making, Performing and Recording Music"

Ashmore, River:  "Catharsis" A Documentation of Hardcore Music"

Beach, Tim: "Photography Exploration"

Beaupre, Elise  "Fashion"

Bell, Yosef:  "Youth Athletics Coaching"

Bradford, Summer: "Social Work"

Carter, Trinity:  "Trinity's Art Show"

Chandler, Evelyn: "Video Editing and After Effects"

Clute, Ella:  "Body Image Photojournalism"

Colton, Eve:  "Building a Race Car, Part 1", "Building a Race Car, Part 2",  "Building a Race Car, Part 3"

Cvar, Maggie:  "Pottery"

De La Cruz, Emily:  "The Personal Side of Immigration"

Dombrower, Sela:  "Untold Stories of Women in Judiasm"

Dornbusch, Kameron: "Headspace"

Dougherty, Kellan:  "Identifying Circumstellar Discs through Analysis of WISE Photometric Data"

Drucker, Nico:  "Service Around the World"

Drummond, Carmela:  "Animal Assisted Therapy"

Eggleston, Fiona:  "Creating Ylvana"

Gamble, Jaden:  "Soulignition"

Garnett, Andi:  "Hair Braiding"

Gentry, Zach:  "Making Films and Stuff, Part 1"  "Making Films and Stuff, Part 2"

Goldberg, Ben: "Learning to Play the Piano"

Hertzfeld, Etienne "Shop-Shifter: My Venture into 2D Animation"

Highland, Kian: "Creating a Board Game"

Hobbs, Jack:  "Scuba!"

Ish-Shalom, Netzach:  "Gun Violence in America"

Hoppe, Liam:  "Working with Wood"

Horowitz, Jacob: "Melange--a Zine"

Jeffries, Emily: "Dogs and Human Health"

Jennings, Talia:  "Recording an EP"

Jimenez Silva, Eduardo (Lalo): "The Second Day Clothing Line"

Johnson Zoe: "The Psychology Behind Fashion"

Jones, Kinsey "WckyWrld- Art"

Kampert-Agajo, Ollie:  "Breast Cancer"

Leath, Lia:  "Peak Skin Care"

Lineberger, Finn:  "Hot Sauce"

Lynch, Kian: "Beats Me"

Maynard, Kylee:  "Backyard Herbalism"

McKenzie, Grant:  "FAA Pilot License"

McVicker, Spencer:  "Driving Safety"

McCorvie, Jubee:  "Animation"

Miller, Tim: "Welding and Art/Function"

Moffat, Thomas: "Nature Photography"

Monclair, Zoe: "Fogged Over"

Nolan, Aoife:  "Creating LARP Outfits"

Novak, Catherine:  "Training Therapy Animals"

Oakes, Angus:  "A Journey of 3D Modeling and Animation"

Obremski, Ethan: "Exploring Neurodiversity through Photography & Graphic Design"

O'Sullivan, Finn:  "Making Music Inspired by my Favorite Artists"

Richards, Raina:  "Movie Madness"

Richards, Sarah: "Social Issues on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation"

Ryder, Leon: "Tim Goes to the Moon- a Cartoon from Scratch"

Stein, Elijah: "Astrophysics"

Sullivan, Ellie:  "Alpine Ski Construction"

Taddeucci, Skylar: "Learning to Hoop"

Thomas, Lily: "Dairy Boy: Upcycled Clothing"

Todd-Miltin, Remiel:  "Backyard Blacksmith"

Ulrich, Brooks: "Go-Kart Construction"

Valette, Alana: "Dyslexia - The Big Picture"

Van De Poll, Lauren:  "Sociology and Theater"

Visoso Ibarra, Laura:  "Medical Research"

Wong, Hallie: "The Zinnia House"

Ziady, Tia:  "A Noir Depiction of The Odyssey"