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Social Studies

​​​The New Vista Social Studies department offers a rich array of courses for students to choose from.  Course offerings include: World Geography, US History of Colorado, US History: Heroes and Heroines, Civics-Get Somebody Elected, Introduction to World History through Literature, World History- Russia, US History and Literature- Equity in the United States, Civics- The West Wing, Civics- Street Law, World History- The Middle East, World History- Mexico, Great Documents in US History, World History- Violence and Social Justice, World History-World Religions, World History- The Axial Age, US History- Environmental Justice, US History- Immigration, Civics- US Constitution, World History through Art.

Also offered are two Front Range Community College courses, taught on our campus by our own New Vista instructors: Western Civilization- Antiquity-1650 and US History to Reconstruction.  These courses offer both high school and college credit.

What's the Deal??

First page of the PDF file: NewDealMontage_2

Students in US History and Literature of the 30's get "hands on" when learning about FDR's New Deal. 



Meet our Social Studies Teachers

Michael Codrey


Marco De Martino


Kara Pfouts