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New Vista's science classes include a wide variety of disciplines within the life and physical science fields. Come explore topics in the traditional subjects of physical science, biology, and chemistry by launching bottle rockets, researching diseases, and teaching your peers about the chemistry of everyday products. Then take some of the non-traditional classes and discover the impact of a of power plant on a field trip for AP Environmental Science, dissect a squid at the aquarium in Marine Biology, or work with a professional scientist on a research project in Science Research Seminar. 

We also offer Front Range Community College courses right on the New Vista campus, taught by our very own Andy Stephens. 

Course titles include Physical Geography-Weather & Climate; Geology of Colorado; Astronomy; Physical Geology, and students can earn both high school and college credits.  Exhaust our curriculum and start taking science classes at Front Range or CU Boulder. Come join us for some science; remember it's a process!

Meet our Science Teachers

Dustin Bailey


Allison Churnside


Andy Stephens