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​​​​New Vista offers students the opportunity to study music with professional musicians.  

Marimba class is one of the specialized music offerings at New Vista.  Marimbas are wooden-keyed, xylophone-like instruments that are played by striking the keys with mallets. For performances, individual resonators hang beneath each wooden note to amplify the sound.  Students are taught this magical music by Cory Potash, ​who has been teaching in the community and at New Vista for many years.  


Performance Ensemble, History of Rock, Music Theory, Popular Music Recording Tech and Jazz Band are taught by Dave Solzberg. Dave is an accomplished musician who has toured internationally, nationally and locally and teaches. Dave also meets with a dedicated group of student musicians each week throughout the year during "Lunch Band." Dave encourages the student's musical talents while preparing them for a real studio session in the spring, when the group records a CD as their final project.​​

Performance Ensemble class culminates the 3rd Quarter
of the 20-21 school year with "Feelin' Alright" 



Meet our Music Teachers

Cory Potash


Dave Solzberg