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Language Arts

The New Vista Language Arts Program offers a wide range of courses in the areas of
Writing, World Literature, American Literature
and Electives.

‚ÄčAll students take a Foundations of Writing course within their first three quarters at New Vista. From there, they fulfill their remaining writing requirements through enrollment in Writer’s Workshop classes, each with a different focus
of topic and genre.  As for literature, New Vista
offers a wide range of World and American literature courses--from survey courses to courses focused on individual authors or concepts.  Students can expect to participate in a variety of learning mediums : Socratic Seminars, in depth discussions, group activities, creative and academic written responses to what they read.

At New Vista, teachers design classes based on their passions and areas of expertise.   As a department, we believe in depth vs. breadth in the study of literature The Course Handbook provides a sampling of course descriptions that have been offered over the course of the school’s history.

Meet our Language Arts Teachers

Marco De Martino


Vanessa Dimiziani-Cascio


Jeff Mogab


Andrew Pfouts