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Lunch Support and Credit Recovery

Lunch Support:

New Vista’s second core value states that school is about “Teaching and Learning”.  Throughout high school, all students struggle from time to time with different aspects of their education.  We recognize the opportunity we have to provide students with the support they need in order to be successful academically.  This year all core teachers will be providing a minimum of 1 hour of lunch support each week.  

Based on grades, teachers will require students to attend lunch support until their grades once again meet expectations.  This will happen as soon as a teacher sees a student’s grade slip below a B or when important assignments are missed.  Students who are required to attend Lunch Support will need to check in with their teachers at 12:10 on the assigned days for support.  Our hope is that this process will be a supportive one, where more students understand the material, complete work and on time, and are able to earn As and Bs, resulting in fewer IPs.  

Program Basics

All students will be enrolled in a new Lunch Support class, with the default in IC set to present.  

Each teacher will have support time once a week in their classrooms or other regular location.  

Teachers will be responsible for communicating with their own students, as needed, about lunch support.  

Teachers can fill out an attendance/detention form here.  Any student that is given detention on the form will be marked absent and will have an automated phone call go home.  

The goal is to stay away from punitive consequences, and this is completely up to the student. Students who do not attend and have been given multiple detentions will be referred to the office for an administrative conversation that may include additional consequences.  


Language Arts, Math and Spanish will have support on Tuesdays. 12:10-1:00

Science and Social Studies will have support on Thursdays. 12:10-1:00

​Credit Recovery:
Introduction, Program Basics and Schedule

New Vista students have the opportunity to recover credits they need to graduate by re-taking the same course online, right here in school.  Students have access to a computer lab after school with adult supervision and support.  Hours are 3:15-4:15 PM, Monday and Thursday.  There is a $40 fee for the course which is fully refunded when the student passes the course with a grade of B or better in 9 weeks. Students will use the link below to sign up for the course, with the help and guidance of their advisor.  Once the student completes the course, the new grade and credits will be added to their transcript.

GradPoint- Begin your course HERE