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Independent Study

New Vista High School


​​​​ Independent Studies are an opportunity for students to broaden and deepen their understanding

of​ a topic they are passionate about pursuing while earning credit.

Please see the following FAQs and IS Guidelines below.​ 
​Credits earned are as follows: 15 hours= 0.25 credits, 30 hours= 0.5 credits, 60 hours= 1.0 credits​





The purpose of the Independent Study program is to help students complete structured learning experiences outside of the regular classroom setting. Students have the opportunity to learn skills and acquire knowledge that may not be offered through regular classes at New Vista and earn learning units towards graduation. 

These contracts are rigorous, in-depth learning experiences that are considered equivalent to classes.

Learning experiences that take place through Independent Study  include many types of study, and all require reflection, evaluation, and demonstration of learning.  Examples include:  Internships, lessons, community theater,  independent study, world languages, sports, projects,  camps, wilderness training, classes in the community, volunteer work, physical fitness training, independent living, involvement in organizations to name a few.​​​