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Senior Exhibition Day 2020


Senior Culminating Projects from the Class of 2020

Please click on the title of each project to access and view. Enjoy!

Alvarez-Chao, Di:  "Herbalism, Axiatonal Alignment, Reiki and Acudetox"

Amorese, Sienna:  "My Writing Journey"

Armand, Isabella: "College for Less"

Ashmore, Ellis: "Making, Performing and Recording Music"

Beach, Tim: "Photography Exploration"

Beaupre, Elise  "Fashion"

Bell, Yosef:  "Youth Athletics Coaching"

Bradford, Summer: "Social Work"

Carter, Trinity:  "Trinity's Art Show"

Chandler, Evelyn: "Video Editing and After Effects"

Colton, Eve:  "Building a Race Car, Part 1", "Building a Race Car, Part 2""Building a Race Car, Part 3"

Cvar, Maggie:  "Pottery"

Dombrower, Sela:  "Untold Stories of Women in Judiasm"

Dornbusch, Kameron: "Headspace"

Dougherty, Kellan:  "Identifying Circumstellar Discs through Analysis of WISE Photometric Data"

Drucker, Nico:  "Service Around the World"

Drummond, Carmela:  "Animal Assisted Therapy"

Eggleston, Fiona:  "Creating Ylvana"

Gamble, Jaden:  "Soulignition"

Garnett, Andi:  "Hair Braiding"

Hertzfeld, Etienne "Shop-Shifter: My Venture into 2D Animation"

Highland, Kian: "Creating a Board Game"

Hobbs, Jack:  "Scuba!"

Ish-Shalom, Netzach:  "Gun Violence in America"

Hoppe, Liam:  "Working with Wood"

Horowitz, Jacob: "Melange--a Zine"

Jeffries, Emily: "Dogs and Human Health"

Jennings, Talia:  "Recording an EP"

Jimenez Silva, Eduardo (Lalo): "The Second Day Clothing Line"

Johnson Zoe: "The Psychology Behind Fashion"

Jones, Kinsey "WckyWrld- Art"

Kampert-Agajo, Ollie:  "Breast Cancer"

Leath, Lia:  "Peak Skin Care"

Lineberger, Finn:  "Hot Sauce"

Lynch, Kian: "Beats Me"

Maynard, Kylee:  "Backyard Herbalism"

McKenzie, Grant:  "FAA Pilot License"

McVicker, Spencer:  "Driving Safety"

Sullivan, Ellie:  "Alpine Ski Construction"

Taddeucci, Skylar: "Learning to Hoop"

Thomas, Lily: "Dairy Boy: Upcycled Clothing"

Todd-Miltin, Remiel:  "Backyard Blacksmith"

Ulrich, Brooks: "Go-Kart Construction"

Valette, Alana: "Dyslexia - The Big Picture"

Van De Poll, Lauren:  "Sociology and Theater"

Visoso Ibarra, Laura:  "Medical Research"

Wong, Hallie: "The Zinnia House"

Ziady, Tia:  "A Noir Depiction of The Odyssey"

Students, after you view 3 Senior Culminating Project presentations, 
please click on the link below and answer the questions on the form by Monday, May 18th.   

​Senior Exhibition Day Student Evaluation Form