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New Vista Senior Culminating Projects


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the Senior Culminating Projects 

from the Class of 2020!

Every student must undertake a Culminating Project during the Stage II process in order to gradua​te. 

The Culminating Project is an opportunity to undertake a major piece of rigorous, original work in an area 
of great interest and personal relevance to the student.  
It may involve work directly connected to the student’s intended path. 
It may involve exploration of path alternatives.  
Or, it may be a personal passion unconnected to the student’s stated path.  

Culminating Projects are self-motivating experiences that the student is interested in, even passionate about. 
The student chooses the project, designs it with input from their advisor and the Panel Team, 
and is solely responsible for its execution.  
The project is culminating in the sense that it brings together the student’s skills and knowledge 
in carrying out a significant piece of self-directed learning. 

Examples of past projects:

Acted as lead student system administrator for school computer system 
Began a career as a competitive mountain bike racer 
Choreographed and performed original dance works 
Compiled and produced a magazine documenting graffiti around the country 
Constructed a complex computer 
Created a display on convergent evolution for the University of Colorado Greenhouse 
Created a documentary video on mountain biking 
Created a photography series on Colorado's Fourteeners 
Created a poetry manuscript 
Created a portfolio of 3-D computer art 
Created a web site on resources for self-help in legal affairs 
Created an animated film 
Designed a computer network administration program 
Designed a vacation cabin and created its architectural model 
Designed and constructed a 3-D model for a state of the art infant care center 
Designed and fabricated a youth fashion line 
Designed and produced a music CD 
Designed packaging for a small business 
Developed and taught a class on skateboard construction at New Vista 
Did a research project on Southeast Asian Art 
Did an apprenticeship in the techniques of Reiki 
Educated the public about animal rights 
Explored forensic science careers 
Explored social work careers and interned at Rape Crisis Center 
Explored the world of cyber punk and created an anthology of cyber punk pieces 
Explored veterinary careers in Alaska 
Filmed and edited a snowboard video 
Helped create a video on the inclusion of multiply handicapped students 
Improved human relation skills as a computer system administrator 
Interned at a school for autistic children 
Learned how to build a house from the ground up 
Learned to be an assistant in paleontological research 
Lived independently and created a handbook for emancipated teens 
Mastered outdoor living skills including a solo adventure 
Organized activities connected to a Japanese exchange program 
Organized, taught and supervised the building of a sailboat 
Participated in an archeological dig in Uruguay 
Participated in research on subatomic particles at the Fermi lab 
Planned and co-led a week long bike trip in Fruita, Colorado 
Planned and led 200 mile backpacking trip along Colorado Trail 
Prepared for volunteer fire-fighting activities and designed an accountability system for mountain firefighters 
Prepared to obtain pilot's license 
Produced an original comic book 
Produced and starred in the one woman show, "Belle of Amherst" 
Pursued advanced study of French language and literature 
Redecorated a home with original mural work 
Researched and created a museum on Title IX and Women's Athletics 
Restored a 1969 Pontiac Firebird 
Studied the cultural anthropology of Hawaii 
Studied to be a clown, performed in a variety of venues and created a home page on clowning 
Taught a class on Greek philosophy at New Vista High School 
Taught a course in art history 
Taught AP calculus to high school students 
Traveled and produced documentary photographs 
Traveled to South Africa to attend the International Parliament of Religions 
Undertook ecological studies in Tasmania 
Undertook field study of Sandhill cranes 
Undertook in-depth study and observation of apes 
Undertook intensive summer study at the UNC Frontiers of Science Institute 
Volunteered at an AIDS hospice 
Volunteered for the Emergency Family Assistance Center and organized a school-wide food drive 
Volunteered with Sinapu to help restore wolves to Colorado 
Worked as a teaching assistant in an elementary school 
Worked as an intern at a university science lab studying chimpanzees using American Sign Language 
Worked at a camp for disadvantaged youth 
Wrote a children's book 
Wrote and submitted a novella for publication 
Wrote, directed and filmed a narrative video 
Wrote, directed and performed an original one woman show 
Wrote, directed and produced a Spanish language video on Boulder and New Vista ​​​​