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Mission, Vision and Goals


New Vista's mission is to educate, support, nurture and challenge every student by building strong relationships in a unique and equitable educational setting. At New Vista we measure our success through:
  • Ensuring that all students meet or exceed district outcomes and proficiencies by graduation

  • Ensuring that all graduates are prepared to transition to colleges, universities, technical schools, or other post-secondary opportunities

  • Ensuring that students are proficient in 21st Century Graduate Skills  ​


New Vista's vision is to create a better world by inspiring students to become lifelong learners who actively participate in their education and community, while passionately pursuing their individual paths.
At New Vista we value and promote:

  • A safe, supportive and trusting environment where all voices are valued
  • Excitement for learning
  • A collaborative culture based on respect for individual differences
  • Building meaningful relationships
  • Interdisciplinary teaching and partnerships across the curriculum
  • A rigorous curriculum built around critical thinking
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Social justice through equity, cultural diversity and inclusion
  • Community partnerships through volunteerism and outreach
  • Broad participation in the arts
  • Inter and intrapersonal growth
  • A commitment to progressive education through innovation and revision


Welcome to New Vista High School! New Vista is a diverse, supportive and respectful community of learners. The school combines the creativity and commitment of teachers, parents and students with the resources of the broader community. New Vista creates an environment in which excitement about learning enables students to achieve high levels of skill and knowledge. We encourage and support student self-determination and achievement with the school and beyond.

New Vista has three goals:

1. To educate students in the conventional academic subjects and prepare them for a variety of post-secondary programs, including competitive colleges. To do so, we offer engaging courses taught by talented teachers. In turn, we expect that all students will earn A’s and B’s across the curriculum.

2. To help each and every student identify and pursue interests or talents at which he or she is genuinely motivated to excel. To accomplish this, we offer students a wide variety of educational experiences within the school as well as extensive opportunities to pursue their interests in the community.

3. To prepare students for the demands of citizenship in a democracy. To achieve this, we encourage students to actively participate in shaping the school’s program and climate. In addition, we promote student engagement in social and political action within the community. We place particular emphasis on developing the capacity to be proficient in multicultural settings. Finally, we expect students to develop the leadership, collaboration, and communication skills that make working with others both rewarding and effective.