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Vanessa Dimiziani-Cascio TEACHER AND ADVISOR

Language Arts; English Language Development      
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I feel so fortunate to be a part of New Vista High School for many reasons. I work with a collaborative staff and administration that is constantly looking for new ways to make learning meaningful for students. In return, the students are excited about, and engaged in their learning, which makes my experience of teaching fun and rewarding.  I get to be part of something special; the relationships we form with students in and out of the classrooms fuels a respect for one another that provides a more authentic learning experience for everyone involved. Our entire community engages in discussion and action around issues and concepts that are valuable and necessary to address– but, sadly, are often overlooked in other educational environments. I wish I had been able to attend a school such as this – where my teachers intentionally planned an opportunity for me to shine and an opportunity for me to stretch, where they knew I needed something just from the look on my face or the shuffle in my step. I am elated to be here now, making a difference.


​​B.A., English Literature, Elmira College, New York
Various Humanities courses, American University in Paris France
Teacher Certification, Secondary Language Arts, University of Colorado, Boulder
Masters, Education - Linguistically Diverse Learners, University of Colorado, Boulder