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Social Studies      
​​​​​​New Vista provides an incredible learning environment for students and teachers.  As a teacher, I get to teach classes that I am passionate about and explore topics in depth with students.   There is a lot of flexibility for interests to be explored and students to be challenged.  I also choose to work here because of the relationships that are made between students and teachers.  The size of the school, advisory, and multi-age classes allow staff to get to know students throughout their high school career. ​​​​​​


  • Interdisciplinary curriculum design
  • ELL sheltered language instruction in the classroom
  • Forming positive relationships with students and challenging them
  • Passion for engaging students and teaching topics that will challenge students to think about the world around them
  • Integrating video and internet sharing technologies into the classroom

B.A., History, University of Colorado
M. Ed.​, Instruction & Curriculum, University of Colorado

 Courses Taught

World Geography
Civics: Street Law
​Civics: Mock Trial/Moot Court
US History: Heroes and Heroines​
US History:  Immigration
US History: Environmental Justice
World History: Middle East
​World History:  Violence and Social Justice​​