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​What is Service Week at New Vista?

Students at New Vista spend a week every year out in the community or in the school giving their time and talents to improve the world around them. 
​We read, we restore, we paint, we rebuild trails, we reforest, we learn about ourselves and how we can be of service to our community​.​​

Service Week 2018


Dear Ms Vanessa Dimiziani Cascio, ..."I just wanted to thank you and Liv from the bottom of my heart for doing this project. Our daughter absolutely cherishes the book Liv made for her and has shared it with everyone who she comes in contact with! She has kept it in a special place and reads it everyday-she is so proud!  I know she will keep it as a prized possession for her life! Thank you for taking time to engage your students in such a meaningful and relationship-centered project. It really has meant so much to our daughter and to us to have high schoolers like your students as mentors..." Thank you!!  Liv Murray, class of 2019, mentors a kindergartener during Service Week, 2018

Outdoor Classroom Service Project 2016​

​Our students and staff created an Outdoor Classroom during our Service Week.  
Please enjoy this video created by Julien Motola ('17).


Some examples of places our students have served or projects we have initiated:

Environmental Restoration Boulder Mountain Parks

Environmental Restoration City of Boulder Open Space

Environmental Restoration Boulder County Open Space

Beautifying New Vista

Children's Books

Emerald Elementary

Fire Safety Awareness/Service

Non-Profit Adventures

Crestview Strong Mural Project

Global Refugee Center of Greeley

Longmont Gardening

Healing Mother Earth

Hunger and Homelessness

Teaching Elementary Science & Art

Working in Eldorado Springs

Mural Painting

Serving Youth Services​

Issues Impacting Youth

YMCA Service

Bilingual Books

Poetry, Life Stories & Video

Ranch and Farm Maintenance​

Service work in Costa Rica and Guatemala