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New Vista High School has reinvented high school in order that all students:

Acquire strong skills in core academic subjects. Identify and develop individual talents, gifts and interests that give unique meaning and purpose to their lives. Develop a set of self-advocacy, organizational and interpersonal skills to effectively negotiate our complex society. Experience membership in a values based community.

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The New Vista community values:​

The cultivation of each individual's talents and gifts. Respect among students and between staff and students. Conflict resolution through problem solving and negotiation. Quality work and disciplined effort.Multi-cultural understanding and perspectives.Social justice and environmental stewardship.

In order to actively engage every student in learning, our program includes:​

Personal relationships, built on mutual respect, with all adults in the building. An advisor who supports each student from enrollment through graduation. Choices that allow students to shape the educational program to meet their needs and interests. Active learning within all classrooms as well as varied and engaging course offerings. Credit earning opportunities in the community. A school climate that values individuals, community, and learning.

Unique programmatic elements of New Vista High School include:

A culture of high expectations, revision and practice. Course offerings that respond to student and teacher interests, including opportunities for students to teach. Advisory groups. End of Quarter Exhibition Days that celebrate learning across all disciplines. Heterogeneous and multi-age class groupings. A full inclusion approach to special education and English language learning. Weekly time for learning in the community.  Contracts for mentored learning outside of the regular school day and year.  Off-campus learning in technical or post-secondary programs. Extra-curricular activities such as:  ultimate frisbee, lunch jam band, restorative justice team, student equity leadership cohort, yearbook, and a variety of student initiated clubs. 

New Vista's unique graduation requirements expect that each student will:

Fulfill Common Learning Requirements which specify grades of A or B across a range of disciplines:  Applied Technology, Arts, Inter-personal Skills, Intra-personal Skills, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Language.  Earn additional credits (almost half of required credits) in learning opportunities chosen by students to explore their personal path (which, for many students, includes meeting college entrance requirements).  Write a graduation proposal, convene a graduation committee and complete a Culminating Project (minimum 120 hours).
New Vista's curriculum aligns with District and State content standards.
Enrollment: 340
Students of Color: 22.5%
Graduates applying to 4 yr colleges: 60% 
School Accountability Report Rating: High 
SAT Average 2018: 1068