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 Natural Highs Virtual Academy

Natural Highs Virtual Academy is a support group is available to all students during the Home Learning time at New Vista. 
Students may opt to check in once and awhile for support, or enroll for credit. 
We believe this is a great way for students to stay connected to a supportive community while we are transitioning to home learning. 
These are the Elements of the Natural Highs Online Academy: 

  • Daily emails with a Natural Highs activity (worksheet, practice, resource, etc.)
  • Weekly calendar of online Google Hangout meetings (at this point on Tuesday at 4.15pm and Wednesday at 11.30am, but we are in the process of adding get-togethers for art, philosophy, writing, sobriety support, etc.) Hopefully we are able to offer one every day)
  • Ongoing Peer Mentor support
  • Assignments for the students who sign up for credit
  • Journal prompts
  • Natural Highs Practices to keep a positive focus throughout the day
  • Natural Highs WhatsApp Community Group with online resource sharing and Texting Support

You can enroll your student for these FREE social emotional learning resources that Natural Highs is offering at: 
For more information, please contact Avani Dilger, MEd, MA, LPC, BC-DMT, CACIII, ADS: 303-859-5778;

Read more about the Natural Highs Academy HERE.  Daily Camera Article, March 2020

Natural Highs

​Natural Highs - Healthy Alternatives to Drugs and Alcohol​

"Natural Highs" is a holistic, interactive program for teens created by local substance abuse specialist, Avani Dilger, LPC, CACIII, MINT. This  interactive, strengths-based educational program integrates traditional and alternative approaches to substance abuse prevention and intervention.  The curriculum provides cutting edge information on brain chemistry and development, hands-on opportunities to learn healthy coping strategies for stress management, creative and safe ways of accessing altered states of consciousness, and discussions about issues underlying substance abuse.  The program is being offered in several local high schools in Boulder and at Naropa University.

"Natural Highs" has been offered as a workshop at New Vista since 2006.   The program has been so well received by our students that we have expanded it to include the "Natural Highs II: Advanced Applications" workshop, several drop-in lunch groups called "Philosophy Circles" and the "Natural Highs Action Group", whose mission is to create a positive and healthy peer culture in Boulder.  The Natural Highs Action Group, which is comprised  of students from New Vista and several other local high schools, has  received a City of Boulder Youth Opportunities (YOAB) Grant this year to help fund monthly alternative sober "Natural Highs" Events for Boulder teens.
For more information about the Natural Highs Program, please visit our website.

We are always grateful for donations to keep the "Natural Highs" program running and accessible to all teens in Boulder. You can make a tax-deductible donation to the program by sending a check to New Vista High School with "Donation for Natural Highs" in tHE memo line. For more information feel free to contact Avani Dilger 303-859-5778 or

Tara Spies (NVHS '18) and Alex Risinger (NVHS '19)

Read more about the Natural Highs program HERE.  Boulder Daily Camera article, Sept., 2018